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Hello Houston! Welcome to our website! We are very pleased to introduce you to our team and services. Since of 2005 it has been a great honor to be able to provide an exceptional service to over 4,000 families & businesses. We offer our service for your great enjoyment and with much savings. We hope you will find us to be a great bookmark for you. Be sure to find us on the following social platforms:

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Introducing The Team Behind The Name

Leon Moore

I believe in delivery honesty and quality to all my customers with great value.

Leon Moore has built the company to serve the communities of Houston Texas. He takes great honor in making sure customers have access to the best carpet cleaning service at an affordable price. Leon will continue to grow the company with his expertise and quality of customer services!

Marvin Webb
Lead Technician

We make sure you are completely satisfied with your service. You cannot compare the value with any other company, we will leave your home with the cleanliness and satisfaction you demand and deserve!

Marvin Webb has been a team leader in his division. He is passionate about making customers happy and complete with the expertise he brings to each home. We know our company can become even greater with his leadership and service skills.

Why We Work So Hard…

We believe in allowing families to have an affordable solution to keeping their carpets and homes clean all year round. We know how it can be difficult for families to enjoy the benefits of this type of special service due to the high prices in the industry. The average home will spend over $150 for a good service on the carpet cleaning! We know this price can be overwhelming and will prevent people to have their homes professionally cleaned. This fact is very negative and is a determining factor for everyone. We want people to have the great happiness from a great service as ours and with the benefits of saving so much money! We love our customers and we take great appreciation for all of the positive relationships we are building.

Our Mission

Our core mission is to bring our service to all families in Houston and surrounding areas. We believe in the people that make the difference in lives who need it most, we are happy to list certain organizations whom we believe are making a difference in lives whom have less than others.

Feed The Children

Our History

In 2005 our founders located the business here in Stafford Texas. After a long run in Colorado, the Moore family decided to relocate and set up City Wide Carpet Cleaners. With the changing economy, it has been decided to allow people to receive the best carpet cleaning service for the most affordable price. With this goal in place, City Wide Carpet Cleaners has been able to fulfill all the customer’s needs and even further than expected. It is the primary reason of our success and we will continue to grow strong for the communities we are serving!


Leon Moore & Family

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  • 4931 Lake Gladewater Court, Richmond, TX 77469 United States
  • Phone : 832-496-3718
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City Wide Carpet Cleaners

City Wide Carpet Cleaners is one of the highest rated carpet cleaning companies in Houston Texas.

We know better than anyone else of the importance of making sure your home is receiving the highest quality of customer service. We specialize deep cleaning your home with the strongest and safest products. Every customer is treated with our 100% honest and personal touch!

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